My Services

Vibrational Eating. What’s that?

Are you wondering why you have begun to question what you are putting into your body? Are there some foods that no longer appeal to you? Are you wondering how the foods you consume impact your spiritual development or enlightenment? Together we will explore this naturally occurring phenomenon.

I will guide you through this process. I will offer easy substitutions and act as your doula as you begin to understand this process. Vibrational Eating is not a fad that comes and goes. Rather, it is what ancients have recognized for centuries. Together, we will keep this as simple as you are comfortable with or we will go as deep as you are willing to explore.

Herbal Allies

Herbalism is one of the oldest forms of healing in the world. Ancient cultures developed herbal protocols through observation of the natural world through visions and with their intuitive connections with plants. Herbs and plants in general are our allies in health. Together let’s discuss what herbal allies you might benefit from.

Holistic/Shamanic Coaching

When you begin to awaken layers will be shed. You may experience rage, depression, anxiety or fear.  By allowing these feelings and reactions to exit your system you will enable your illusion self (ego) to be shed so that your true self (spirit) can thrive.

Are there times when you may feel lost, blocked or facing a big transition? Does your inner child need some affection and attention?

If this sounds like you, I am here to assist you to gain clarity, courage and confidence to live the life you were meant to live. Together we will work on change and redirection that will enable you to navigate your dreams and dismantle limiting beliefs. We will work together with hypnosis, coaching  and shamanic reflection and drawing if you are so called.

Distant Reiki (Usui).

In-person available upon request dependent on locale.

Reiki allows us to heal ourselves on the physical and energetic planes as well as the etheric body. Reiki connects us to our higher self and also to everything around us. Our ancestors knew this and worked with this universal energy. As we have evolved over time becoming more focused on external forces and gratifications, we have lost the ability to tap into this wonderful healing energy that is available to all of us. Reiki aids in self-reflection, emotional resilience and spiritual depth. Reiki may also be referred to as Prana or Chi. Kirlian Photography helps one see this in real time.  Chakra Balancing also available.

Oracle Card Divination

Do you have a question or need guidance and clarification on a certain topic? Are you wondering what spirit or your higher consciousness may be trying to tell you? If this sounds like you, let’s connect with my card allies to assist you in gaining insight and clarity.

Spiritual Bundle

Why limit our journey together with a single topic? It is my heartfelt knowing that all of my services blend with love into each other. Let us abundantly explore them all. Free 60-90 minute strategy call /  consultation.