My Services

Holistic Prenatal Birth Doula

Preparing and honoring you at a deep rooted and loving level as you get ready to meet your baby.  If you desire, I will be your guide throughout this loving process and be a facilitator as you communicate with your unborn baby. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and your baby will have the opportunity to communicate with you.  As your prenatal doula  you will receive  from me throughout your  pregnancy  sound healing , reiki/energy healing , crystals, herbs and aromatherapy. Birth is a beautiful transition for you and your baby and  that does not need to include the perception of anticipated pain and fear.  I can also act as a Blessing’s Way facilitator or coordinator.

Womb Healing

The womb is more than a physical organ ; rather it is  a powerful energetic space that resides within a woman’s body. It is the storehouse of  ancestral and birth imprint trauma, emotions and memories. It is all to common of a space  where our  wounded inner child  also resides. This service is under construction. Stay tuned

Holistic/Shamanic Coaching

When you begin to awaken layers will be shed. You may experience rage, depression, anxiety or fear.  By allowing these feelings and reactions to exit your system you will enable your illusion self (ego) to be shed so that your true self (spirit) can thrive.

Are there times when you may feel lost, blocked or facing a big transition? Does your inner child need some affection and attention?

If this sounds like you, I am here to assist you to gain clarity, courage and confidence to live the life you were meant to live. Together we will work on change and redirection that will enable you to navigate your life’s purpose and dismantle limiting beliefs. Techniques or services that may be used include but not limited to: hypnosis , journaling, drawing, coaching , meditation, reiki, as well as the use of herbs , crystals and shamanic reflection.

Intuitive Energy Healing

In-person or virtual available 

Energy healing allows you to heal yourself on the physical and energetic plane as well as the etheric body and beyond and connects you to your higher self, your physical body, your aura and  everything around you including the causal and the astral plane. As we have evolved over time becoming more focused on external forces and gratifications, we have forgotten how to tap into this healing energy that is still available to us. During your session I will  assess  your energy fields and connect with and communicate with your guides to  alchemize or neutralize dense energies  and emotions that may have become stagnant that no longer have a purpose . My goal is to move and release energy within your field that is no longer needed so that new energy and frequency can have a place within your auric egg.

Oracle Card and flower divination readings

Do you have a question or need guidance and clarification on a certain topic? Are you wondering what spirit or your higher consciousness may be trying to tell you? If this sounds like you, let’s connect with my card and flower allies to assist you in gaining insight and clarity.

Spiritual Bundle

Why limit our journey together with a single topic? It is my heartfelt knowing that all of my services blend with love into each other. Let us abundantly explore them all. Free 30 minute strategy call /  consultation.