About Me

My Beginning

I remember sitting and talking with my grandfather one day long ago. The question I posed to him was this… “Did you ever stop to think that the life that we are living may actually be a dream? “I no longer recall what his answer was to my question. What I do recall is that I was a child of 9 years of age and I knew I experienced and thought about things in a different manner.

My Journey

After years of working in the healthcare field, I encountered many people in a state of “unwellness” or as some like to say in a state of “dis-ease”. My formal training was in the mechanistic western medical model of practice that did not allow consideration on the  impact of emotional, spiritual or psychological trauma that may have occurred that has now manifested into a state of  unresolved trauma thus affecting the entire energetic body and energetic field ultimately affecting ones life with repeated thoughts that are over 90% fear based. There was no room in that model for discussions on the healing benefits of herbs, meditation, spiritual connection , energy healing, crystals or hypnosis.

My Present Day

I am a Trauma Sensitive Shamanic practitioner as well as a  Reiki Master/Teacher, intuitive energy healer , prenatal birth doula,  Master practitioner in quantum energy healing and a quantum hypnotist specializing in trauma. I have over 20 years of experience working with the healing arts.    My passion is to create a safe and sacred space for you to embark on your inner healing and to explore and alchemize the cause of your pain and and more importantly your trauma.. I would be honored to walk along side you on your journey to wellness, healing ,self-discovery and trauma resolution.. It is because of you that I no longer wear a white lab coat. I wear a beautiful healing shawl in its place.

About Lady Down The Lane