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My Beginning

I remember sitting and talking with my grandfather one day long ago. The question I posed to him was this… “Did you ever stop to think that the life that we are living may actually be a dream? “I no longer recall what his answer was to my question. What I do recall is that I was a child of 9 years of age and I knew I experienced and thought about things in a different manner.

My Journey

After years of working in the healthcare field, I have encountered many people in a state of “unwellness” or as some like to say in a state of “dis-ease”. My formal training was in the west’s rationalistic and mechanistic medical model of practice. There was never a discussion or teachings of  emotional, spiritual or psychological trauma that may have occurred within the energetic field that has now manifested into a state of “unwellness” thus affecting the entire energetic body or energetic field. There is no room in the west’s or allopathic model of practice on the healing benefits of herbs, meditation, spiritual connection , lifestyle changes or shamanic expression or hypnosis. We are energetic beings and energetic health is not a consideration or even an acknowledgement in the west’s medical model of treatment.

My Present Day

I am honored that you have found me. My name is Lydia Remembrance. I am a Claircognizant Empathic Spiritual Doula. My passion is to create a safe and sacred space for you to embark on your inner healing. I would be honored to walk along side you on your journey to wellness, healing and self-discovery. It is because of you that I no longer wear a white lab coat. I wear a beautiful healing shawl in its place.

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